Friday, June 1, 2007

If we didn't love 'em, we'd kill 'em

Our co-workers that is...

While I should have been knitting this week, let's just say that the holiday wasn't survived as well as I'd hoped. I managed to trip over a curb Monday night on the way home and bash up my right hand good. While I can still knit- I must knit slowly becau
se of the pain.

So, as an
outlet, I opted to pull a practical joke on one of my co-workers. Now granted he asked for it, so it's no hold barred in the newly declared cube wars.

I am NOT a fan of pink but any stretch of the imagination. Period. No Wa
y. No How. Only exception being the Pink Panther. Anyway, my colleague found out about this and spent one day this week torturing me with references to all things pink. I immediately vowed to get him back. Care to see what I did?

First, actually last, the entrance to his cube.

Then his monitors and chair.

Then the walls and desk:

Maybe I have too much time on my hands, but I doubt it.

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