Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

No pics today. I managed to forget my card reader at the office and hubby didn't pack one with the laptop.

We have mostly survived our first water oriented camping trip of the summer. I say mostly for the following reasons:

A. We are still at the camp site ( at least I am )
B. Hubby went out on his PWC with the explicit intent of finding big boats with big wakes to jump - some days that ends well - others not so much.

Survival will be complete once we get the rig back into it's parking place at home without any one yelling or having a fit or simply wishing the day were over.

So I am hanging with the dogs in the lovely AC in our wonderful motorhome checking the internet and working on a shawl I'd like to have done by June 7th.

Today my thoughts go out to our troops in Iraq, those troops that have been lost in that war and others past, and all service members past and present and their families.

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