Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Parades and Star Gazing

Saturday was an eventful day and it all started Friday with a call from the local Humane Society.

Cliff the Mutt and I are a Pet Assisted Therapy team. Meaning I drag him to convalescent hospitals where little old ladies and charming old men get to pet and tug and pull on him and his ears and his legs and he just stands there looking at me with that " But MOM do I have to do this?" look on his face.

The Tail Waggin' Mobile (mobile pet adoption trailer) needed people to walk in the parade with dogs. I was going to bail on it this year because I was slated to be up at the Observatory till late Saturday night. Getting up at o-dark thirty is not conducive to staying awake till all hours of the night start gazing. But since I cannot say no, sign me up. Cliff the Mutt and Scrat the Brat went with me, while Mr Excitable in a Crowd (aka Oscar the Dog) stayed home.

So we walked in the parade. Scrat thought the candy being thrown was toys and spent the entire time lunging after it. Cliff just walks along the side sniffing everything and letting the kids pet him. They put horses behind us, so it was fun keeping Cliff away from the great big 'dogs' that are just so COOL he must try to play with them. This is the dog that won't play with anything, not even Scrat. Horses are totally different though.

We get to the end (thank goodness - it was HOT) and hubby honey comes down with Oscar the Dog. All three mutts (aren't they just the best kind of dog?) managed to get themselves in a tangle while Ken ate lunch. They may not be the brightest, but they certainly are cute.

We all headed home for a nap. Then I hightailed to a friend's house to feed his cat and then up to the Observatory for an evening of explaining to 6 to 10 year olds why they can't look through the CCD Scope, they have to look at the pictures on the computer. Though I have
to admit the kids were getting it better than some of the adults.

While waiting for clouds to clear I managed to finish a pair of gauntlets for a fellow docent. Unfortunately, she wasn't there, so I will have to wait to deliver them.

Yes they look like two ENTIRELY different sizes! I'm cursed. Completely and in all ways cursed. I need to work on something that doesn't require a pair to finish (says the chickie with two pairs of socks on needles).


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Judith said...

I just clicked through from the Harlot.
At least you got to walk the parade in your own clothes. My friend was persuaded to sit on the Santa Claus float, last Christmas. She assumed she would be dressed as Mrs. Santa. Imagine her shock, when they dressed her as a lobster - head to foot. She was promoting the Rotary Lobster Dinner, which takes place each June!!