Thursday, May 24, 2007

A roving we will go...

Okay. Let me first state that I do not spin. I repeat. I am not a spinner. My sister knows this.

In spite of knowing that bit of information, she gave me this back when I still just a crocheter. It was a combo wedding/birthday present. Thanks sis.

I admit to many failed attempts to take up knitting that usually ended u
p as a huge donation of yarn and needles to the local woman's shelter. Trust me, I bet they have a pool going on how long it takes me to give up this time.

This is supposedly 100% sheep wool (I have no idea what type of sheep it came from) that is supposed to be easier for beginners. It also came with a drop spindle that I have NO IDEA how to use. Now I
am normally a pretty bright person (I had to be to get that physics degree), but this has me stumped.

Now why is this a problem? Jenn - why can't you just find someone to spin it up for you and let that be the end of that?

Well THIS is why! An absolutely gorgeous Merino roving in Brown with a streak of a purplish maroon was included with that innocent looking natural sheep roving.

This stuff is a joy to just sit and pet (you cannot convince me that you wouldn't sit and pet it too if you didn't know how to spin it into fiber), but I want to MAKE something with it. And for that it has to be spun and so it continues to sit in the little baggy it came in. So, for almost four years this innocent enough looking roving has been lurking in my stash and I can't do anything with it. Help!

Along with that lovely, doomed to torment me forever gift, were 7 skeins of handspun from the same person, my darling sis got the roving from. It's 100% wool in a lovely variegated blue with purple mixed in. I think it's worsted weight. I am thinking about attempting a sweater for me with it. Now sure yet. I do know I want a ball winder before I do anything else with it.

Center pull balls really are much easier to deal with. Especially when you are knitting with something as cute as this on your lap (okay chest - she likes my [pillows]) that was just made to chase an errant non-center pull ball that got away from you.

This is Marley Persiphone. The latest addition to the household of a friend and co-worked of mine that also happens to be a knitter. I get to kitty sit every now and then (okay every minute I can convince her that Marley needs to come in and sleep on me). I am happy to get my kitten fix through my friends since I do have 4 cats in addition to my 3 dogs and we are NOT getting any more. Period.

Perhaps if I keep telling myself that it will be true. :-)

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