Sunday, May 6, 2007


That's right. I succumbed to the desire to knit my very first non test Moebius earlier this year.

I used Paton's SWS - the Soy Wool blend - in Natural Earth I believe. Size 15 Addi Turbos - length 60" (that's only 2" shorter than me).

It is from Cat Bordhi's Treasury of Magical Knitting - the Purl Ridge Scarf.

It was intended for me, but well it's HUGE, so I thought it might better suit my husband's mother and she is always appreciative of handmade items.

Well I'm off to enjoy our local JCs Day Under the Oaks. If I'm lucky there will be yarn to be had there, else I'll just have to hit a yarn shop on my way home. If I'm ever going to attempt that lace scarf I want to make, I'll need another set of size 3 addis, since I don't feel like pulling my first real adult sock attempt off of the two I already have.

Then it's back home to get cracking on the rest of the baby presents I told myself I'm making.

Have a lovely Sunday.


Karen said...

Hi! Thought I would drop by (having met your comment on YH's blog) and congratulate you - from one relatively new blogger to another. I just did my first post with photos today. Of course they are all together at the end since I didn't know how to interleave them properly.

I have made lots of baby things if you need ideas/suggestions.

Knit in peace,

Deana said...

Welcome to blogging world - found you on YH.

I just started my own blog a few days ago!

Congrats on the new site.