Friday, May 25, 2007


That's Right! The Yarn Harlot is showing up at our very own Copperfield Books in the downtown Petaluma, CA in less than two weeks!

I. Cannot. Wait.

Copperfields is being smart and handing out tickets with any purchase of a Harlot authored book (they are probably out by now - of the tickets, not necessarily the books - there are 4 different ones available after all).

The TICKET is supposed to guarantee the ticket holder an actual seat at the event, but we will see when we get there. We all know that regardless there will be people jam packed, sitting and standing at the bookstore that night.

A colleague of mine and myself will be hitting McNear's Saloon and Dining House before the event for food. It would be a great place to drag, um take, Ms McPhee to post signing for a pint.

I don't know how McNear's feels about knitters, but let's try to shock 'em anyway.

Should be a blast.


Heather said...

I got to see Stephanie at her stop in a bookstore in Pittsburgh in March. I really enjoyed seeing her in person and her talk was great-we could tell she was nervous at first but then she settled into her topic and rocked the house. It was standing room only even though folks at the store had lots of chairs out. She wore her bohus sweater as an added bonus. When she signed my book she was even more wonderful one on one. You are going to have a great time! -Heather

Trina said...

Can I join you? I was wondering where/when any represent stuff would be happening for Petaluma. I'm coming from Berkeley (so I won't be able to pre-ticket) But I'm planning on heading up WAY early to miss traffic/get a seat/check out Petaluma yarn. Is anyone else planning anything? -Katrina

aleakamh said...

I am really excited for Thursday too!
If we get in the area in time, we may join you!
I am coming from Contra Costa.