Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a slacker

Well maybe not. Even life has a way of getting between us and our hobbies. And if you have more than one hobby, look out.

What on earth did I do for the past week? A
pparently tried to poison hubby honey (sorry baby) with some REALLY REALLY bad quesadillas. Let's just say he has taken over the cooking for a while in effort to keep us both alive for at least a little while longer. Hehe - oops.

Pan's Labyrinth i
s a definite must see. Warning though, it is a dark film. Really dark film. Be prepared for that. Plus there are subtitles unless you are fluent in Spanish. So no-brainer knitting is required if you must knit while watching the movie.

Look what I finished. My first ever project on DPNs. Started about a year ago.

They are the Fingerless Gloves in the pattern from Mac&Me.

For them, I used the recommended Blue Sky Alpaca and yes I know they don't match. It's MUCH more fun this way. Since they are for me, it doesn't really matter. They still need to be blocked. But they are closer to a match in size than anything else I've made two of to date. Woo Hoo!

I am also working on a pair of baby booties that are, of course, late. Thankfully the baby isn't late yet.
Yep those are my new old standby - Cat Bordhi's Baby Life Rings Socks in Koigu. Lots of pinks and purples in this yarn. Let's hope the baby really is a girl. LOL

I have a new virtual friend I'd like you all to go check out. Her name is Kathleen, and she's local to me, so maybe she'll end up a real time friend too. She and her friend the Sock Pixie are working on a fundraiser for a wonderful cause - Knit and Make a Difference for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children...

I am very hard of hearing myself. I wasn't born with it. I hope my children won't be. I've had all the current genetic testing known to man to try to find a marker for it, but it just is. I cannot fix it, it won't go away, after 28 years you hopefully learn to deal with it.

When mine came to light (at age 9) and THREE YEARS later the quack (translation: military audiologist) was shipped states side (I lived in germany then), the new one promptly gave me hearing aids. At that point, my stupid school decided that since I now needed hearing aids, I must be stupid and would require a tutor. GR. I was a straight A student, I lip read, I made do and got really good grades. Thanks to Mom, the school was told to stick their tutor where the sun don't shine.

So, help KWC and the Sock Pixie make sure there are resources available for when a youngling you know needs assistance most with hearing loss or impairment.

On a fun note. DH and I spent Saturday jet skiing around the Sacramento River Delta with a couple of friends. This pic wasn't taken then, but doesn't it look like fun?
That's me on my 2004 GTX 4-Tec Supercharger (or something or other) completely out of the water while jumping the wake of our friends' sailboat that we were bringing in to take it to dry dock. Loads of fun. Come join us some time.


Romi said...

Cool FO! If you come up to A Good Yarn in Windsor on Saturdays at 10:30, sometimes Kathleen is there in the flesh. :)

Come to think of it, *I'm* usually there in the flesh too! Come on by if you can make it! *g*

CDH said...

Thanks for the post on the mini Sock Project for hard of hearing children. Knitters can make a real difference in people's lives.
As an ex Petaluman, I will be with you in spirit on Saturday mornings at A Good Yarn!

Happy Knitting, and Safe Cooking!

Caroline, the SockPixie

KWC said...

Hello my vitual friend, I too look forward to meeting you. This Sat. at A Good Yarn like Rosemary mentioned, maybe. I can help you with the yarn diet. Since we knit close to the door we can set your chair so your back is to the yarn. LOL And thank you for passing on the mini-sock project and it's message.
See you soon:)

Running by.... said...

Count me in to help with the mini sock project--when I need a break from my other WIPs!