Friday, March 20, 2009

Belated Birthday Baby Boy

I'm a bad doggy blogger mom.

Scrat the Brat turned 3 on Wednesday.

It is the day we got him. It is his age as best we can tell.

It is been an eventful two years with this little monster.

Look at that face.

How 12 pounds of compact energy can get into so MUCH trouble is a mystery to me?

He likes to:
  • eat rocks
  • turn left down the hall instead of right to his room when he is told BED
  • eat rocks
  • chase the cats - though he has stopped trapping them under furniture
  • eat rocks
  • not give up the tennis ball from the last throw without making the neighbors think we are skinning him alive
  • eat rocks - see a pattern here? There is a reason he got a birthday card from the pet insurance company

He redeems himself by:
  • loving to curl up behind me in my office chair
  • making hubby smile many times a day
  • giving his all to whatever you have planned that day whether its sleeping, chasing a ball, hanging out in the office or just wandering around the yard
  • learning that playing with teeth (i.e. him biting without thinking) is not acceptable
  • no longer attempting to take a chunk out of my girlfriends ankles when they come over
  • making certain that every possible IOTA of food is gone from all the dog bowls before he is 'done' with his dinner
  • by thinking that a new lap is the perfect place to curl up - you sit down, you get a dog in your lap
  • by showing our friends how much for the better he has changed in the past year from the snarling territorial little monster he truly was into a snuggle bug
  • never giving up. He KNOWS That ball is out there somewhere okay maybe UP there and has simply not fallen yet. If he could climb that tree he would.
  • loving my husband completely
You have come a long way Scrat baby. 'Dad' and I cannot believe we have been lucky enough to have had you in our lives these past two years.

Love, 'Mom'


Anonymous said...

The best animals tend to 'find' you.....


perpstu said...

Awwwww! Happy Birthday Scrat! You are super cute, but you might want to reconsider the rock diet.....birthday cake tastes much better!

AlisonH said...

Happy birthday Scrat!

Jennifer said...

Happy B-Day Scrat :)