Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well It's Better than None

10 eggs

6 mature

3 fertilized

3 disintegrated right after the ICSI (sigh old eggs)

1 of the 3 that fertilized went abnormal on the first split.

That leaves us with 2 embryos.

They wanted three, heck they wanted to be able to choose the three they put back, but such is not to be.

So tomorrow is the transfer, instead of Saturday since there is no reason to wait, this is what we have to work with.

I was upset at first. Still am a little. Spoke with the doctor after a panicked two hours of trying to reach him (not his fault he was in surgery).

I do feel better. Given the results, we are lucky to have two.

Please think good thoughts for us tomorrow (Friday the 13th - wow good thing 13 is a good number for me) around noon Pacific time. That's T time.

Then the two week wait begins.


dragon knitter said...

good luck, dearheart. you know we're rooting for ya

Anonymous said...

Ok, what color do you want me to start knitting baby booties in?

thinking positve thoughts, thinking positve thoughts, thinking positve thoughts....


Karin said...

Think positive. Good luck today. I'll be thinking about you and sending lots of good vibes your way.

Kandi said...

My thoughts are with you.

I agree with Ba.

I will have all I can crossed for the next two weeks. She how far I will go, I will look like goober for you. :)


Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas said...

I wish I was there to hold your hand sweetie. Hand in there!

On a limb with Claudia said...

You and the babies are in my thoughts and prayers. Wouldn't twins be fun!?

Redford Phyl said...

DH was born on Friday the 13th and it has always been a good luck day around here. Thinking positive thoughts for you.