Friday, March 27, 2009

Gimme the News!

Day so far.

Wake up (stupid alarm clock).


Wake up hubby.

Finished getting ready.

Medicate Smokey Cat (emerge unscathed).

Let the dogs out. Figure out which cat to strangle for peeing in the dog's room.

Put dogs in office with hubby.

Figure out WHERE in the dog room the cat peed.

Start a load of laundry and scrub the Kuranda bed in the front yard. Cuss the cats the entire time.

Kick two of the cats out of the house for the dog.

Fumigate the dog room.

Tell hubby bye and that I will have our doc call me at work so I can conference him in so we can get the news together.

Head to lab for blood draw.

Wait an hour due to backlog.

Head to work.

IMPATIENTLY WAIT FOR 2PM! Which is the earliest we will know anything.

Write this post.

Hope Cliff the Mutt doesn't need surgery this morning.


Lisa said...

SO hoping things are positive!! The suspense must be killing you! {{{hugs}}}

AlisonH said...

Here, what can I do to distract you for the next two hours forty-two minutes fifteen seconds?

Jessica said...

I am confused: are you supposed to get the news first or the blood draw first??


Emilyrocks31 said...

OH GOODNESS! Will be praying hard for amazing news! GOOD LUCK!

Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas said...

I'm counting down and checking in as often as I can. I wish I was there to hold your hand!

Anonymous said...

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