Saturday, May 16, 2009

Before and After (Pic Heavy)

As any of you that have been reading this here swill that I call a blog know, I have a lot of animals.

3 dogs and 4 cats to be exact.

None over 25 pounds, none under 8 pounds. That still adds up to a lot of fur.

Cliff the Mutt and Oscar the Dog have interesting fur 'situations' given they are both terrier mixes.

Cliff's fur is so surprisingly soft that once you start petting him you never want to stop until you see how much of it is clinging to you. Oscar's fur is terrier wire through and through.

They both got to visit the groomer today for their summer cut. Also known as the 'keep Mom's vacuum cleaner working a little longer' cut.

Get ready for pics:

Cliff with Scrat and Smokey Cat horning in on the camera action.

Oscar looking way wider than he should.

Then they go to the groomer. I go home. They get tortured by someone that gets paid to wrestle them to the ground to cut off their fur. I go back and pay them the normal fee, plus the special handling fee (they are SNOTS at the groomer, but better them than me). I get two good looking boys out of the deal. I'll take it.

My bestest baby dog of all time Cliff. Who is obviously LOVING the picture taking let me tell you.

Cliff again. He looks more interested here because his dinner is sitting on the shelf next to my head.

Oscar looking slim and trim considering he will be 11 in 3 days.

Just look at those spots! Then go look at the Before pic and come back and exclaim again over all the spots. Doesn't he clean up well?

And because Barb cannot hold the monopoly on goggie cuteness this week...

Scrat the Brat wanting to know what Mom has stuck to her face.


Beverly said...

Holy cuteness!

Jennifer said...

They look soooo CUTE :)