Friday, May 29, 2009

In the Blink of an Eye

You can go from a very angry three year old that just came out of anesthesia to this:

Yesterday was her dental surgery to take care of the bottle rot we found when she was placed with us.

Slugbo and the County Foster Nurse pulled every string imaginable to get a court order in record time and all the medical clearances, since we had to put her under for this.

We got up at 5:45a. Pulled her straight out of bed at 6:20a and off to the clinic. We were the first ones there so we went right in. The more pre op stuff we talked about the more upset you could see her getting. They decided to give her something to calm her down and we ended up having to force her to take it. :-(

2.5 hours later (about 9:30) we were called back in and she was waking up. That little girl has a set of lungs on her. The dentist might now be considering soundproofing the recovery room in the near future. She fought us every step of the way in getting the IV out (she almost ripped it out in spite of Slug holding her down). When we thought (ha!) she's calmed down enough, Slugbo picked her up to take her to the car while I finished gathering paperwork.

I got out to the parking lot and she was screaming full force again and trying to launch herself out of his arms. The ride home was difficult since she didn't want to be restrained. Hello seat belt.

The minute we got home, all the fighting stopped.

She slept on that off for part of the day. We broke the no full day of TV rule considering what she'd been through that morning. They were able to save the molars. So she's missing all her front teeth on the top.

She was her normal happy playing smiling self by end of day.

The pic above is even more special for one main reason. She's curled up with one of the cats. This is the little darling that won't touch any of the animals (though she actually pet Nemo for the first time Wednesday and called him by name) if it can at all be avoided. But she let Nemo stay by her for the better part of the day.

Today is her first mom visit since we got her. Cross your fingers. Slugbo is handling it alone.

*disclaimer* I took a small chance posting this pic, but know that with this post and all future involving our placements I will:
1. NEVER post if I think their family might see it (odds are minimal here)
2. NEVER post if the child was removed from the home because they were in danger from the parents.
3. I will never put their complete name here or any part of it really except maybe the first initial


~Just Jen~ said...

Kudos to you and Slugbo for handling the situation like true champs. Screaming children are not the easiest to deal with and your ordeal was compounded by circumstances over and above your control, surgery, anesthesia and a child's first visit to the doctors.

Poor baby. I can only imagine how hard all this is on her; not only being taken from her mom but having to have surgery.

Sending you lots of love and strength to deal with tonight. I'm sure it's going to be another rocky day but I'm sure you have it under control. :)

perpstu said...

You guys are doing such and awesome job! Screaming children are not easy to deal with at al, but it sounds like you both handled the situation perfectly! I know when we had to have LW put under for some dental work he was a floppy little bag of beans for the rest of the day.

I am glad to hear the visit with her mom went well, (having already read about it) and it sounds like you and Slugbo are passing through foster parenting with flying colors!

AlisonH said...

I well remember the old lady who, when I was a young mom, made a point of coming up to me and telling me my screaming son was "the worst-behaved child I have ever seen in my life!" Then she stalked angrily off while I sat there stunned.

I ran into her about 40 minutes later at the clinic pharmacy, after I'd had time to take a deep breath and think about it, and decided to calmly give it to her straight: "He's two years old" (he looked older because he was always very tall, he's 6'9" now) "and I was taking him back to the surgeon who took him away from his mommy and hurt him. And he knew it."

And then I turned and walked away from her.

A middle-aged man came up behind me and stunned me by saying, "I saw the whole thing. You were justified." YES!!! I don't know who he was, but I will forever be grateful to him.

There are screaming children. And there are people who remember when their own kids screamed and have empathy for the parents and child both. Hang in there!

Jennifer said...

WOW!! Poor baby. You and slug are doing awesome with her. Sending Super Big Hugs your way :)