Monday, December 17, 2007

Cats on a Cat

Doesn't it seem fitting that a cat would be the model for my first learning sock from Cat Bordhi's new book: New Pathways for Sock Knitters Book One?

Please say hello to Nemo, the newest and cutest feline footwear model on my block. Okay the only one because the neighbor's cats won't come near me and Rasta (Nemo's brother) has a glare that will slice right through you. Besides Rasta was busy warming my side of the bed, while Nemo was helping to keep 'Dad' warm in his recliner.

Nemo is one of two brothers that we have in the feline crew. He loves to be loved, even
if he is convinced you are going to eat him when you are finished.

I really don't think this is what his wish to be allowed to play with yarn was supposed to turn into. ::big grin::

A cool thing about Nemo , which you should be able to see here, is that he has extra toes on his front paws. They are actually pretty perfect for filling out this teeny tiny sock.

Also he was kind enough to keep all those claws in during the modeling. No claw snags on these socks.

This is the Little Sky Sock from the aforementioned book. I did NOT use the recommended yarn or needles. I wanted to be able to do it on the needles I intend to use and the sock yarn I want to muck with.

So that said I used size 1's (metal pale green) DPNs and Koigu KPPPM. Yes I am a lunatic. I may make the mate so that my friend's daughter has a matching pair for one of her dolls. But then it's on to the baby Coriolis, because that is THE big sock I want to make out of that book.

If your interested, I made the quilt that DH is under and Nemo is holding down. It's the Pathway pattern on one side (you'd have to see the whole thing to see why it's called that) and an astronomy themed panel with borders on the other side. All in hubby's favorite color - blue.

It took me forever, but DH got what he wanted. A blanket he could tuck under his toes and still tuck under his chin. Let's just say it's big enough for a queen size bed. He is 6'1" after all.


Jamie/Moira said...

That is too cute!

I do not blame your husbandman. My house is freezing in the winter (the joys of an older home) and I cannot stand allowing my feet to get cold!

Everythings lools amazing and I am considering getting a copy of the book for my library.

Alison said...

I'm thinking the Mutts comic strip, with the cat's little pink sock.