Thursday, December 6, 2007

Northern Spherechasus Chihuachsund

a.k.a Scrat the Brat and his sidekick Mr. Pitiful.

Scrat is a mutt of unknown origin so we decided to give him a breed name:

Northern Spherechasus Chihuachsund

Can you figure out where it all came from?

Kaji just LOVES him. As in HATES with a passion.

I don't think I've ever seen her ears that flat. She wasn't too happy that I took pictures of him licking her head.

Mr. Pitiful, a.k.a. Oscar the Dog, got a hair cut recently. Isn't he just too sweet? He's 25 pounds (maybe less I need to check) of total Mom Worship, hence the reason he will actualy look at me when I take his picture.

Please, please ignore the spots on the carpet behind him.

DH is on a quest to get me the miracle spot remover I use. Non toxic, doesn't have to b
e rinsed, doesn't stain, safe for the animals and WORKS. OMG does it work.

We finally had the dinner I scrubbed the house for.

I even set the table. Yes, I am very aware of the fact that the ceiling light, while centered on the ceiling, can never be centered over the table. Ask OCD girl how she feels about that, go ahead. I dare you.

I got most of the prep work done ahead of time.

Chicken marinating in Basalmic Vinegar, Olive Oil, and a spice thing from Tastefully Simple.

Chopped Italian parsley (I THINK that's what the recipe meant when it called for flat leave parsley - I don't have a clue)
Chicken broth
Cannellini White Beans
Sliced onions - which I think should be chopped for this recipe but forgot this time and chopped garlic.

It was all ready to go when the company showed up.

Just throw everything in the pans, heat, cook, toss with spinach and lemon juice, serve. Hope everyone likes it, ply them with wine before hand, so it doesn't matter. All in all have a nice evening.

I showed our guest my craft room while her partner kicked hubby's behind at pinball. We went to Screaming Mimi's in Sebastopol for dessert. And I promised her a pair of my Mac n Me fingerless gloves (see I can squeeze knitting into the conversation without even trying).

Speaking of knitting...

Go check out the latest Knitty.

My friend Rosemary made the cover again.

Luckily I have a TON of Kidsilk Haze and beads like you wouldn't believe.


Jamie said...

Saw your comment, but I cannot seem to find the respond button.

*Waves wildy from her office out near the airport*

Thanks on the compliment for the Boss Scarf. *Grin*

Love the puppies and I also have a cat that hates everyone. I am a mean mommy because I make her come downstairs and sit with me occassionally.

Jamie said...

PS - Are you on Ravelry.
My user ID is moirar70

Romi said...

It was great seeing you yesterday - hope you are feeling much better today!!! If not, fondle some ksh. It cures almost anything. :)

Romi said...

Tag! Come by my blog for details! :)