Monday, December 31, 2007

While hubby is away...

wifey can be talked into joining him.

So hubby left Wednesday evening for a weekend of quad, ATV, off road riding. Something that I have absolutely no interest in.

Had I gone, I would have spent the weekend in the rig with the fur balls worrying about whether or not I was using too much propane (dry camping) keeping myself from freezing to death while he was out and about on the trail.

Since I could knit at home, that was my option. Little did I know...

Hubby called up Thursday night and start the 'wearing Jenn down so she'll come up for the weekend' process. I had already rented a ton of chick flicks and decided what I was knitting this weekend while I had the house to myself. He says - It's snowing. It's gorgeous. I miss you. Scrat has never seen snow... Help!

I say I'll think about it, knowing FULL well if Hubby finds a cell service area on Friday all my arguments are toast.

Hubby calls Friday. I had checked the weather report (UGLY let me tell you - why do people go there in the middle of winter?) and had my arguments all set up. I haven't driven in the white stuff in 11 years. I shouldn't drive at night if it can be helped, ESPECIALLY not in a storm on unfamiliar roads.

Hubby retorted
with come up Saturday morning and go home Sunday (I have to work Monday you know). He hangs up and promises to call again later.


I really can be a smart cookie sometimes and decided that this isn't a battle I'm going to win. So hubby calls back and I say 'Yes I'll come up in the morning'. Hubby goes 'I love you too, you need to bring this, this and this.' That's Jenn, the pack horse at your service.

So get what I need together and I'm on the road by 11:30. Dogs are ensconced in the car (note to self Oscar has to ride in the front since he gets car sick -UGH) and we are on our way up some of the twistiest roads in Northern California.

I get lost. Apparently Leesville Road is only marked from the other end that I was trying to get to. Thankfully I am happy to stop and ask for directions and I get where I need to be by 2
:30 or so.

The camp sight is a giant mud pit. Perfect. Three dogs, 12 muddy paws, one was clean rig carpet. Glad I packed extra towels.

They had just come in from a ride and hubby was thawing. After he could feel his legs again, we got our friends together and headed up to the snow line.

Well to get to th
e snow line, you have to go through the mud line. Thankfully my car can technically be taken off road (Explorer XLT AWD) but I don't as a rule. If I get stuck I'm screwed, big time. But hubby is fearless and up we go.

Scrat had a blast in the snow. Funny thing about tennis balls in snow. They don't bounce. So Scrat kept barreling right past it (hence the paw prints in the pic).

Ken and Shane and Paul had a snow ball fight, in which you then saw Scrat trying to catch the snow balls.

He finally found one of the tennis balls and just ran around with it.

All in all at the end of the evening Scrat was NOT ready to leave.

We headed back down for dinner and the camp fire. I knit around the campfire, and hubby was the pied piper of the camp ground with the fireworks.

Sunday morning dawns bright and sunny and still cold and they all got geared up for a ride and I headed home.

I wish I had a picture of all the three dogs bundled in the front passenger seat on the way out of the park (camera battery was dead that morning). Totally worth the drive.

Happy New Year everyone. Remember the big rocks, which is what my weekend ended up being.


DK said...

Ohhhh, Scrat! Too funny. My old dog, Wolf, used to LOVE the snow. He thought it was just the best thing ever, used to roll and toss it around and tunnel his nose in the snow. Maggie is a little too prissy for the snow, sadly. She doesn't seem to get the joy of rolling around in the fluffy stuff, and her feet get cold.

Seriously, you want to swap for the day-glo sock yarn?? Send me an email - accordingtok at gmail dot com.

Alison said...

Throw a snowball for me while you're at it, wouldja?...