Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Case of the Rogue Appendix

How on earth can something that has no verifiable purpose cause so much trouble?

Got to the hospital on time yesterday.

Got me into the OR by 7:40 ( that's the last thing I remember till about 11 am - thank heavens ).

Next thing I know the recovery nurse would really like me to wake up and I want nothing to do with that route. But I comply because I want to know what they found.

I think I get back to my room and hubby by 11am and he tells me what he understood of what my doc told him.

I have (had) a rogue appendix. It was way longer than it should have been (should equal length and diameter of your pinky and I have TINY hands) and had apparently decided to attach it's 'free' end to another part of my intestines. Needless to say if it had actually ruptured back in August things could have been even uglier than normal.

Anyway, my gyn wasn't going near that with a ten foot pole, so she called in a general surgeon to remove the not so little sucker. So I think I have some internal stitches in a few interesting places now. Sure feels like it anyway.

As if that wasn't enough, (this part I'm not clear on - will have more info in a couple of weeks) my colon was STUCK to something that was keeping it in front of my uterus (should be behind it), so they had to unstick it and put it back in place. All I know about that for sure is that my colon was NOT in the right place and they had to do some maneuvering to get it into it's proper position.

All I care about at this point is that it stay put from here on out.

All in all, it may be a blessing in disguise that I haven't been able to get pregnant, because things internally sure weren't where they were supposed to be, and a growing baby would have made it worse, not better.

So I am sans one rogue appendix. I have three new holes and quite a fair amount of pain so I'm grabbing a pill and going back to bed with my knitting. Cannot wait to see what my new hat looks like after a couple of hydrocodones. :-)


Alison said...

Wow. That's a lot to go through. I'm glad they took you seriously and took care of it. One thing I've learned, is, knitting speeds the healing. Best wishes along your way there.

--AlisonH at

Alyson said...

Oh Poor baby! Sounds ugly, but on the bright side, you finally have a resolution to the problem. Having a medical problem and getting "well, I just don't know...." from a doctor is the most annoying thing; as you well know. Rest well, knit to your heart's content and heal.

DK said...

Not fun, but the idea of your "rogue" appendix did make me giggle a little.

I had chronic appendicitis for nine years until my gyno was like, huh, I wonder if it's your appendix, maybe we should take that out. And it was so scarred down they basically had to cut out everything around it to get it out. Good times.

Don't miss my appendix a bit, though. Oh, and knitting totally speeds the healing process.

Romi said...

OMG! I'm away from reading blogs for a few days and look what happens to you!!!

I'm so glad they put everything in its place! Feel better very soon!