Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get Along Little Doggy

It turns out that being allowed to blow things up and build things that blow up is WAY more fun than I thought.

Hubby and I managed to get out of town Wednesday by 1 pm. I got lucky enough to leave my car in the shop to get the paint job fixed from the Operation Kill that Cul-de-sac last month and hubby left his car with the mechanic for a general checkup.

The wind going d
own to Lake Havasu City was a nightmare. We had a tail wind down I5, but once we hit the last stretch past Barstow, the wind was trying to rip the ROLLED up living room slide awning off of the side of the RV. Thankfully it didn't, but the awning canvas might have to be replaced.

Either way we got there safely. Turns out the event is held in a state park raceway thing that is VERY dog friendly. There was a dog park right next to the rig parking lot, so Scrat the Brat got to play every morning and most evenings off lead with his tennis balls. He ran so much.

Wanna see how much fun he had?

This is the little bugger while we were heading home yesterday. He was so tuckered out from the morning run and the fact that for the first time ever another dog beat him to a ball. To add insult to injury, it was a little girl poodle. Hehe.

On our way out of town, via my body shop, Ken called and said, go back for my phone headset. Then he called again and said grab Scrat's chew toy - aka that bed he's i
n - out of the office.

Scrat LOVES to ride on the dash of the RV. No he doesn't block our view. That's a big honking window let me tell you.

So he's zonked out in speed 0 mode. Then he hears the camera shutter. And it's ZOOM! straight to speed 60 with the ears doing really cute things.

He is still a brat, but he was a total angel on this trip. Turns out he's an excellent travel dog, except for the whole wanting to be in the pedal
well of the driver seat.

He spent most of the road time curled up in his bed, or in the lap of whomever wasn't driving.

We crated him for the most part when we weren't in the rig, but gave him a chance the last day and he passed with flying colors. That does NOT mean he will be allowed loose in the house when we aren't home. After all the cats still hate him with a passion. But there is hope that one day he'll be as good a house dog as he is a travel dog.

FYI, the fireworks didn't phase him a bit. We took walks before the main shows while the WPA members were setting off their private stash. Let's say they really like the Salutes (I don't, but a lot of them do).

So I had fun building black powder rockets and tourbillions and setting o
ff fireworks.

On V Day, hubby took me to a local Italian restaurant that was quite nice. I got somewhat tipsy. Okay a LOT tipsy and spent the rest of the evening in the recliner with the dog at my side watching - sleeping through - Chocolat. Now I have to rent it. lol

He got me bling for V Day. A lovely White Sapphire (sapphires are my birthstone after all) and White Gold Journey pendant from Kay and diamond solitaires for my top ear piercings. His present was not having to go to the mall and buy them himself. ::very big grin::

I finished his gloves on the trip! Actually I finished them on the way home.

To repeat, they are Regia Silk sock yarn on size 1 needles. I made both together, one row here, one row there, 5 rows at a time on the fingers, each thumb individually. Had to tink back part of the first thumb, but the second one was much better. All fingers end with 5 rows of K1P1 ribbing (could have probably settled for 1 row) and the thumbs only had one row because they actually stop on the thumb joint.

Now I want a pair for myself. But I intend to use a different yarn. More on that later. Oh the pattern is from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. Get your measurements, figure out your gauge, highlight (with the post it removable highlight tape) your rows and columns and jump in. Much easier than I thought.

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