Monday, February 11, 2008

The End of IT

This is the end of the surgery update.

Mostly because I'm tired of it and I figure you guys and gals are too.

I actually spoke to my doctor Friday (there was a complication and I was trying not to panic - all is well now).

While she apparently told me exactly what she did Tuesday on Tuesday, I always have minor amnesia after anesthesia. I barely remember talking to the recovery nurse and I'll swear on my mother that I never talked to my doctor that day except to say hi.

So here is what happened:

1. Went in and checked the female organs first.

2. Jumped to appendix and called in a GI Surgeon when she saw it was taking over my abdominal wall RIGHT where the pain has been forever, and it was also wrapped around my intestines. Fun times, let me tell you.

3. Removed the nasty sucker and impress the GI surgeon with the length. Sigh. I'd rather like to STOP impressing medical personnel that way.

4. Check out my colon which really doesn't look right. I imagine the convo between the two surgeons went something like the following:

Hey GI Guy, is that supposed to curve that way right there in FRONT of her uterus? I thought that part was supposed to be straight and curve NICELY behind the U, but isn't that a really cool S curve she's got going on right there?

No, Gyno Lady, it's not supposed to do that, and yeah that's pretty neat too. How about we put it back where it goes?

Sure GI Guy, Oh wait, it's attached to something that's keeping it there. How about you fix that?

Sure thing Gyno Lady. She's not going to be too happy when she's wakes up, is she?

We'll dope her up real good and she won't remember a thing.

5. Hysteroscopy - there's still a ridge of scar tissue that we probably won't be able to ever do anything about.

6. Talk to Jenn while she's in recovery. (Just skip this step in the future please so you won't have to repeat yourself again)

7. Show pics of appendix to Jenn's Hubby Honey so he can tell her how weird it looked. (I get to see them the 25th. :-D )

8. Send Jenn home where she gets bored out of her mind for days on end and gets yelled at when answering work emails a day after the surgery.

9. Watch Jenn watch a lot of Charmed and every version of Law and Order and CSI over the next four days, as well as knit a lot.

Look what the crew at work sent me:

Those are some very pretty flowers.

Other items in the pic from left to right:

My wonderful, wonderful Camelbak water bottle.
My even more wonderful drugs
The fingertip gloves I'm making hubby, two more fingers and a thumb to go on both
My new Malabrigo hat in SW Gold
Opus - who lives in my planter.

BTW I finished the hat. Here on a pillow at a friends house yesterday.

And here on my head ( yeah I cut my hair off again ).

Any comments on how I look (unless they are nice comments lol) are not welcome.

I'd had surgery 5 days before. My body decided to kick start my cycle a week early and we'd been repairing the back fence all weekend. No I didn't actually help (I'm not totally stupid and hubby would have locked me in the RV). Just tool fetching and home depot purchasing and food retrieving. But still I was whooped.

And not I didn't make that sweater. It's a goodwill find and I adore it.

PS the hat fits great - that's 5 x 5 ribbing on the bottom for about 7 rows then straight no brainer stockinette till the 10 point decrease. I actually cast on the right amount for my gauge this time (5 st/inch * 22 inches = 110)


Alison said...

Opus in the planter is looking like he's having a good time among the flowers there.

Romi said...

I hope you're doing better! I'm thinking good healing thoughts towards you!


DK said...

You look gorgeous. Love the hat. And the sweater.

Can I see pictures of your appendix, too??