Monday, February 4, 2008

It is What It is...

and tomorrow I hopefully find what is causing 'IT'.

IT is chronic lower right quadrant pain since August 29, 2007. How do I know the date? It's the date you double over in pain in the middle of your garage and hope you can get up before your husband finds you there (FYI I did and then it was two weeks before I decided to see a doc about it - yeah I'm stupid, sue me).

IT is not my appendix - or at least it's not ready to rupture (if I'm wrong here it is taking it's sweet ole time about it!).

IT is apparently not ovarian cysts (those went away).

IT could be any number of other things, many of which are WAY too scary to mention.

Either way, all scans, ultrasounds, etc to date have not been able to pinpoint a definite cause and it didn't go away, so in we go.

Therefore tomorrow I go into the hospital at o dark thirty (5:30 is WAY too early to prep someone to be cut open) for a laparoscopy and a bunch of other stuff that depends on what they find, if anything. They will also be repeating the procedure they did last June.

I'm on the fence here. I want the pain gone. I want them to find something to blame for it. I want the final result NOT to be that I truly cannot have any more children (son - adopted almost 18 years ago - scar tissue from that potentially causing these problems) or worse (i.e. removal of something other than my appendix).

So I'll have three more temporary openings in me by end of day tomorrow and perhaps some good news or perhaps some bad news.

I know what I'm hoping for.

PS there still has been knitting, the cursed bamboo for my mother has been paired with some gossamer mohair from habu which appeared to break the curse. Hubby's fingertip gloves have been transfered to DPNs and I'm finished with the cuffs, and I'm making another hat out of that wonderful Malabrigo, and my second Harlot sock has turned the heel but I had to swipe a DPN for the gloves, so it's in standby.

PPS I cannot promise to be anywhere near a computer or my email till this weekend if that. Have a good week.


Alison said...

Goodness. I feel for you. I want to come over, help, hand you my cellphone that does email, knit at the hospital with you, come over (did I say that already) and simply be a friend with you.

Best wishes from here. See you at Stitches soon.

--AlisonH at

no-blog-rachel said...

Yikes. Sending positive vibes from San Jose. I hope it's positive news, that you get a firm, quickly fixable diagnosis and a speedy recovery!

And you're going to Stitches? Tell me when - I'd love to meet face-to-face!

Ellen said...

Oh dear! I know that this kind of thing is very frightening, esp. when the medical folks cannot determine the cause.

Hope you are recovering now and have received only good news.

Thinking of you!

Jamie/Moira said...

Oh Wow.
Wishing the best for a speedy recovery.
Hopefully you will be up to some quiet time and some recuperative knitting therapy.

If you have a stash emergency, I am sure friends would be happy to help out by making a couple of yarn runs.