Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rosemary is going to KILL me

I'm going on vacation starting tomorrow morning, returning Monday evening.

Hubby is a member of the Western Pyrotechnic Association and every year they have their Winterblast get together President's Day weekend in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

I normally stay home, work, enjoy sole control of the TV and movie selection. He asked me to go this year and I said ok.

So we leave tomorrow morning in The Dream Machine (aka. the Rig).

Thursday is a veg out day and he's supposed to take me to dinner since this year it happens to be VDay (I got bling - I'll show you when I get back).

The fun starts with firework building seminars Friday through Sunday, with the BEST fireworks shows you've ever seen EVERY night! We head home M

I have a bunch of knitting all ready to take with me.

Top priority on the way down will be finishing these:

Those are hubby's fingertip gloves in Regia Silk Black.

I am knitting them up on size 1 needles (yeah I'm whacked sue me - a requirement was thin).

I only have two more fingers and the thumbs to go and I am doing both gloves at the same time. One row on one, one row on another. Or in the case of the fingers, 5 rows at a time.

They fit him nicely so far.

He will also be getting a matching hat in Malabrigo Black.

Speaking of hats (can you tell I'm on a kick?), I felted the Green and Yellow one last night as well as the other Malabrigo I showed you all yesterday.

I hand washed them yesterday, and boy did they grow. Malabrigo likes water.

So I threw the Clash into the dryer by itself and nothing happened. I threw it in with the clean dog blankets and voila! don't walk off and forget about that. It fits nicely. It's a little short, so I cannot turn up the edge anymore, but OMG is this thing going to be warm. I LOVE it. Next one will be longer, and felted as well. I'm thinking the same green with the fucsia I have in that yarn as well.

Yesterday's hat got the same dryer treatment and I'm glad it got a little shorter. It fits much better now. I didn't leave it in nearly as long as Clash. They are both drying in front of the space heater at work right now.

Have a great President's Day weekend. I intend to relax and finish healing and blow things up.

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Romi said...

Moi? Not at all. I'm just happy that you are feeling well enough to go have fun! Have a great time! :)