Thursday, January 15, 2009

Everyone Say Cheese!

Perpstu tagged me for this:

Here are the rules:

1. To to your My Pictures folder
2. Go to your 6th folder
3. Go to your 6th picture
4. Blog it
5. Tag 6 friends to do the same

Steps 1 through 3. I don't have 6 folders in my pic folder at work. I have 4. So I grabbed the 6th photo from the 2nd child folder in the 4th parent folder. Got all that?

Step 4: Blog it:

Hubby and I were up for an award a few summers ago with a non profit we volunteered for call Face 2 Face. He got volunteer of the year and they let me piggy back on it with him.

Well they wanted to put an announcement in their newsletter and they wanted a pic.

So I get home from work, slap on some makeup and we start wandering around the property taking assorted shots to submit for the newsletter. This is not the one they chose (see below), but it's a nice pic nonetheless. Isn't he cute?

Step 5: Pass it Forward.

Nope. I stopped passing forward Tags with my last attempts since I came to blogging late and most of the people I would tag have already done all of them.

If you read this and want to pass it forward be my guest.

You get a second picture instead.

PS - Another ultrasound tomorrow morning. Cross your fingers.

PPS - Heya Perpstu - look closely and you'll see some of my ink.


perpstu said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I'm glad you let me tag you. I had to blow the picture up, but I spied the ink! LOL

Good luck on your ultrasound tomorrow, I'll be sending you good thoughts and wishes!

Cookie said...


Fingers are still crossed!

Anonymous said...

you two are adorable.

Fingers crossed!

CTJen said...

my fingers are crossed. X)