Thursday, January 22, 2009

Small World

I do not believe in a higher power*.

I might believe in Fate.

Especially after Sunday.

I could not stop thinking about McGee, probably due to the sad place I am in myself right now. So yesterday I googled the owner's phone number.

I saw the name and promptly pinged hubby and asked why it was so familiar.

She is one of his clients. He knows her. He has been to her house. He has done computer work for her. She is a really nice lady.

Now it is not just some poor couple's dog that met with a tragic accident. It is someone you know and like and respect and it hits that much closer to home.

Perhaps there was a reason I was the one 'chosen' to be there at the end. Life sure has a funny way of making you stand up and take notice.

Hubby will be speaking with McGee's 'Mom' today to offer his condolences.

*This is not open to debate. You have your beliefs, I have mine. I will respect your right to yours, you respect my right to mine.


Random Thoughts said...

Well said. I am a huge believer in fate and think that somehow the universe, God or some other something decided that you and McGee needed to be together at the end of his road.

I don't believe in coincidence in cases like this!


perpstu said... did that become random thoughts....that comment is from me, me, me!

DK said...

Woah. Kinda spooky!

Freud said there's no such thing as an accident, and I forget who (besides Hawkeye Pierce) said there's no such thing as coincedence. There's definitely a reason you were where you were when then that happened. Maybe for you and McGee, and his people.

Spooky. Did I mention that?