Friday, January 30, 2009

Next Steps

Plus a Possible Rant.

I pulled my head out of the sand long enough to call my RE and schedule our - where do we go from here with the IVF now - call.

Bloodwork Monday to find out if everything is calming down correctly post trigger.

Appointment Thursday to find out what protocol he wants to do next.

There will NOT be a next after this one. I cannot go through this three times. Two is going to be hard enough. Hubby is with me on this one.

Begin rant:

I am sticking my head back in the sand for the weekend because I cannot read anything else about that lady in SoCal that had 8 babies. On top of the SIX kids she already had.

Who the h* was the frakked up doctor that would prescribe fertility drugs to a woman that OBVIOUSLY doesn't need them?

Lady you have/had 6 healthy kids and for some reason decided it was a good idea to have a huge set of multiples, practically guaranteeing that those children will have medical and developmental problems growing up. I do not consider that responsible reproduction.

Now don't get me wrong. I hope those babies are just fine and go on to prove everybody wrong. But it's not fair. This woman is not in same ranking as most of the people I know suffering infertility issues right now.

Just one. That's all I'm asking for. It shouldn't be this hard.


T said...

Totally justified Rant. 8 baby mama is not like the people who have the show on TLC who were not trying to have that many kids. She was taking fertility drugs and had 6 kids already. She is a mess. 14 kids and she lives with her parents. Doctors bear much of the responsibility for sure. They should probably be investigated. But anyway hopefully the kids will grow up and not suffer too much for their mother's selfish stupidity..

DeltaPurl said...

Girl, I thought about you when I heard about her. I said TinyTyrant only wants one. The Lord is going to bless you with all of your needs.

perpstu said...

Holy cow! I was disturbed when I read she had eight but she already had six at home? In mu opinion, that is irresponsible medicine. Those poor children.

You feel free to rant away whenever you need to! I'm shaking my head and my fists in solidarity. (((HUGS)))

Devyl Gyrl said...

I wish I wish I wish that I could help you have a baby. I want this for you more than I want a job for me. **hugs tight**

Chicken Mama said...

Big hugs to you, darlin. I can only guess how hard it must be to hear this news. We need to talk. Come to knitting tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yes, come to knitting.....I have a new colorway from Karen that you will, take-it-from-me-and-not-let-go love......



DK said...

Completely unfair, I agree. And so stupid - who gives someone like that fertility drugs? And who still uses those drugs that produce higher-order multiples anyway??? And what about the kids, you know?! God, that's so irresponsible all around...

You know I'm so rooting for you, always.

Alyson said...

I agree with your rant, totally! Somewhere in the back of my mind is a fear that she contrived to have so many babies to get some sort of whacked-out reality show deal. I know that sounds beyond bizarre, but these days, would you really think it beyond someone to think of that? Unfortunately, I don't.