Sunday, November 16, 2008


I don't talk much about books here on the blog, though I'm an avid reader.

Spent the day running errands, returning muzzles that didn't fit the rock eater (A.k.a Scrat the brat). So I had him with me today so I could make sure I got the right size.

Of course he hates them and does his best to master the 'Oh woe is me' look when he has it on, but I'm tired of forking over hundreds of dollars to get them out of his system. And it doesn't hurt him. And trust me, ruptured bowels would be worse and we have been lucky so far and haven't had to cut him open to remove any and I don't want to have to. They rarely survive that. Not taking any chances.

I picked up two new books today by Dean Koontz: The Darkest Night of the Year (I'm already up to page 200 and something) and Sole Survivor.

Now I'm going to go into the house and color my hair, read some more and probably work on the necklace I'm making for a friend for Christmas. Or knit. Or finish the laundry (oh that's funny). Or just veg.


perpstu said...

A lazy Sunday is a good Sunday in my book....I love having days where you can just veg out and relax! Enjoy!

CTJen said...

my cat likes to eat plastic, cardboard, and various types of balloon strings. This week I've been finding bits of chewed up wires with kitty teeth marks in them all around the house. I just know we're going to end up in the kitty ER eventually.

She Knits Socks said...

My male dog once swallowed a man's athletic sock. That one cost a bundle to remove. Fortunately, they didn't have to cut into him, but were able to remove it through a tube down his throat. Our dogs have been expensive, but worth it.

Katie said...

In response to your comment. :)

I found that even Noro Silk Garden was pretty awful. I'm going to make the scarf with Cascade Handpaints as it's varigated enough. I saw it on Ravelry and it's pretty too. :D

Thanks for the comments though!