Monday, November 3, 2008

Just Say No

I am not political by any stretch of the imagination. And this is not a political blog.

Who I vote for on a regular basis tends to lean towards the person that pisses me off the least by the time the election roles around. Maybe that's wrong but at least I vote. And yes my ballot has already been cast for this election.

That said Prop 8 is causing turmoil, and rightly so. I am not very proud of the fact that I live in a state that allowed this to get on the ballot.

You cannot always choose who you love. Just look at women in abusive relationships with no seeming way out because they love the jerkface and cannot imagine life without them even if it means less time in the hospital.

Given the way I'm taxed as a married person, you'd think the government would jump at the chance to get more people on the married side of the tax bracket. They obviously need the money.

The supporters of Prop 8 like to say that same gender relationships are a straight shot to purgatory, and they have a right to their opinion. This is my blog*, therefore you get my opinion.

And let me tell you that any god that would persecute someone for loving another just because they have the same genital makeup, isn't the kind of god I intend to have in charge of my after life.

Besides I'm coming back as one of Rachel's dogs. They have it made.

Just say no to Prop 8.

It is not anyone's right to control what other people want to do with their life as long as it does not hurt you. And same gender marriage does not fall into that category.

*and yes I will practice censorship in the comments if necessary


Cookie said...

I am ashamed but not surprised to see that measure. A lot of out of state money is being poured into something that comes down to basic human rights... and frankly it's no one's business. No one has the right to say how I or anyone else marries. Then again, I thought we were all made in God's image and loved equally as his children. Perhaps those right wingers missed the memo.


DK said...

But Jenn? If you don't tell people what to think, how will they know what's right?

Kind of makes me wish I had a vote in California...

(PS - I LOVE that you joined NaKniSweMo!)