Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Whole Other Kind of Fragile

I was doing chores today and I always glance into any of the rooms that are open in the house. This is because Scrat monster has a habit of being where he shouldn't.

Since Scrat was playing shadow this morning (as in stuck to me like glue) I just glanced into B3 out of habit more than anything. I sure wasn't expecting to see anything (okay other the the huge piles of stuff in there - hush).

However, I ended up doing a double take, because our little girl kitty, Kaji, decided to stake out a spot in an empty box marked fragile in the staging area for all the stuff we brought back from Arizona.

On the unusual side was that she stayed in it long enough for me to get a picture, even if she wasn't too thrilled with that.


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Oh now, that's just cute!