Sunday, November 23, 2008

Productive or Not?

You decide.

9:00 am - roll over look at clock, see hubby is out of bed, roll back over.

10:30 am - look at clock again and decide to stop being a slug

11:00 am - finish shower as hubby sticks his head in to see if he can have his turn.

11:30 am - have finished drying hair, brushing teeth making sure I don't stink and release the hounds

We start a plan to get Scrat to associate Number 2 with getting the muzzle off. Problem is you have to get him to go number 2 first. Gr. So for a walk we go and that works and off comes the muzzle

12:00 pm - start a multitude of laundry since we are going on a quad trip for thanksgiving.

12:30 pm - make sure my villages (travian server 6) are still standing in spite of inbound attacks. Ask hubby for reinforcements.

12:45 pm - start project Kitchen Reclamation while hubby start Garage Reclamation. Overlap each other by bringing him garage stuff from kitchen and taking house stuff in from garage. I'm not sure who won.

1:30 pm - decide I need to learn how to break the back end loose on both my quad and my cart. Finding riding gear first since last time we tried this it ended up with me bleeding profusely and sporting several lovely new scars.

2:30 pm - can break the back end loose from both without going into a roll. This is a good thing. Go back to working on the house and laundry

4:45 pm - figure out how to get Hubby's quad, my quad and my Kart into a 10' X 6.5 ' trailer. Be glad I'm not the one towing it once we do figure it out. Out of 12 tires, only 8 are actually on the floor of the trailer. Don't ask, I'll post a pic.

5:30 pm - have all the finished clothes put away and constant washer dryer swap outs happening. Tell Nemo the LOUD cat it's NOT dinner time yet.

5:45 pm - see what damage the last village raid did (why on earth are these idiot sending 300 TTs to my BFE village when I'm just going to kill all of them?) Tell hubby he lost some horse troops and to move reins to my next village that is getting attacked in a couple of hours.

6:00 pm - dig through freezer for dinner. Ooh ham and BBQ sauce on french rolls. Take trash out since tomorrow is garbage day.

6:30 pm - feed fur babies so they will BE QUIET. You'd they were starving. Feed hubby.

6:45 pm - the battle with Scrat and the Muzzle and going potty with the muzzle on begins anew. Needless to say he gets another walk and I'm freezing my tuckus off.

7:00 pm - start this blog post after maybe teaching Scrat that number 2 means no more muzzle.

7:09 pm - wrap up blog post so I can go in and eat my sandwich that I left on the counter 20 minutes ago. Hope Rasta didn't find it.

7:15 pm - edited multiple times to fix mistakes. Probably don't catch all of them. Sigh I was a physics and computer science major, cut me some slack, eh?

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perpstu said...

You were much more productive than I was today...perhaps I'll be better tomorrow!

Be safe on your Thanksgiving trip!