Monday, November 24, 2008

That Kind of Day

Hubby let's me know after my alarm went off that Smokey Cat had been in the house all night. This is the cat that doesn't use the community litter box.

So I get up and grab the black light and start sniffing out 'accidents'. Find nothing and hit the shower.

Battle with Scrat monster over the muzzle. I think I'm winning (ha)

Head to car.

Grab socks from purse to put in gym bag, notice they are wet. What? Smell them.

Smokey Cat peed IN MY PURSE. My Hollywood Pink Malibu Namaste bag. IN IT!

Pull everything out that is wet and does not reek and throw into spare bag in car and head to work after going back in and grabbing the black light and telling hubby.

Scream all way to work (he ruined my Winnie the Pooh wallet too which I cannot replace).

Get to work and make sure the pee didn't get on my knitting. Noro Silk Garden need I say more?

Figure out I can pull the liner most of the way out and stick it in the sink (after emailing Namaste directly). Wash it thoroughly with soap and water. Slap in front of space heater at work.

Go to lunch to find new wallet (love Wilson Leather Outlet).

Come back and liner is dry and doesn't stink. Woo hoo. Maybe saved. May still have to rip out bottom seam of liner and scrub leatherette inside per Namaste.

Get call from hubby that Foster Lady returned my call. They still think we will only take a child we can adopt. Which means our placement has to come from adoption. Who still won't send me the paperwork because I'm undergoing fertility treatment (called again today to beg for the paperwork - didn't work). Hopefully have cleared this up again. We will take a child that might go home. We understand that. We are prepared. We don't care. We just want a child in our home. We are ready. Was told that if we still don't have a placement in 2 months we should go to a private foster agency. Which means relicensing.

I am going to pull my hair out.

But it sure looks like we won't have a placement before Christmas.

And yeah I'm crying.


DK said...

Awwww, honey. Hugs. Big, big, big hugs.

Maggie says, that's why you should never, ever trust a cat. They're fun to play with, but they're sneaky little bastards.

CTJen said...

blargh. that is really shitty. Here's to hoping tomorrow is at least a little better.

Anonymous said...

Oh Sweetie! As if the cat urine wasn't enough! I send you hugs and kisses. Hell, if tomorrow turns out to be as much as a mess as today was, you may have a nearly five-year-old on your doorstep before Hanukkah! Grrr!

AlisonH said...

Cat, urine trouble now.

On the other, at least you know. That's halfway to getting it worked out and fixed. The cat, I assume, already is.

Toni said...

Ain't bureaucracy grand!?!?!?! Maybe the cat is trying to prepare you for a child? That's the best spin I can put on your day except to say I'll keep you in my prayers.

Tiny Tyrant said...

All my four legged spawn are fixed.

I guess he just either REALLY hates the Noro Silk Garden or hates looking in the back door and seeing me knitting.

I don't know. But he is still alive and he got snuggles last night.