Saturday, November 8, 2008

More Construction

Almost missed today's post, but for very good reasons.

1. Esthetician visit - hair removal ouch but so worth it

2. Knit group! Woo hoo! First time in over a month and I finished the Dashing gloves for a co-worker finally

3. Remodeling the living room. We are moving the TV and the wall we decided to hang it from didn't have power. So rip a hole in the wall. Realize there's fire blocking. Rip a bigger hole in the wall. Send wife (that would be me) up into the attic to push/pull electric/speaker/coax/network/phone for the better part of four hours. Patch up hole. Watch hubby putting outlets in. Remember I'm in NaBloPoMo. Come out to office and bore my handful of readers to death.

Tomorrow is paint the patch. Mount the TV. Put the furniture in it's new location to utilize ALL of the living room. Sleep. Throw in random snuggles with assorted pets.

Oh and laundry. Never forget the laundry.


Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh because my husband still hasn't painted over the patched wall from the lights that were installed in the spring.

Cookie said...

At least, it's enough to be in the attic. ;^)

Don't forget to post today, too!


Anonymous said...

It was lovely seeing you again at knitting....

The gloves were lovely, too....