Monday, November 10, 2008

To Finish Stuff...

you have to first make a huge mess.

We decided (thanks to a friend that is dying to rearrange my house) to redo the living room.

This meant moving the monster TV. That would be a 52" Pioneer Plasma from it's lovely corner in the living room, to it's very own wall.

But first it all got moved into the dining room.

That would be a wall with no power. And a top plate stuffed into a roof corner with 4" of clearance. That means drilling from below. Which means opening up the wall.

Since we are moving the orientation from a corner, with the couch cutting across the living room diagonally, to a wall, all the speakers had to be moved for the surround sound to work.

That means running all new speaker wire in the ceiling. As well as relocating the speakers.

Then we thought, oh network. That's one freaking huge monitor there and it's fun to play games on it, but you need internet. So two network lines got ran as well as phone. Don't forget the TV, though we haven't had TV in the house for over two years, we might want it again some day. So let's pull Coax too.

So I actually spent about 6 hours in the attic on Saturday. With loose fiberglass insulation. Have I mentioned just how ALLERGIC to that stuff I am? Triggered my first ever eczema flare 6 years ago which took a ton of prednisone to get under control. That which I cannot take right now. So I am super itchy but keeping it under control by driving everyone else around me nuts.

This is the corner the TV used to be in. See we are neat little wiring freaks and everything runs down the wall to jacks, speakers, network, cable, power. The whole thing.

After getting it moved. The entertainment center got put in place, but not till hubby and a friend spent the better part of Sunday using the dining room table to lay all the components out and figure out how to hook everything up, before it all got backed up to a wall.

So here it is in place, with the TV mounted. The EC in place. The DVD knickknack shelf in place and a huge mess of cables etcetera left over. Hehe.

Our decorator fiend friend will be coming over soon to finish rearranging the rest of the furniture.

And now to knitting. I finished the Dashing Gloves. And OMGosh they fit! This guy has huge hands. When I first started them and still had them on the needles I got him to try to put them on and they wouldn't even go over his hands. But I finished the first one thinking I could give them to another friend. I decided to have him try it on one day and I was nicely surprised and started the second one.

I think he likes them, or he's just super polite. :-) Yarn is the Jo Sharp Silk Tweed, blend something or other. It's yummy to knit with. I hope they last him a while.

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