Saturday, November 1, 2008

It's November

Not exactly sure when that happened.

Okay hush you smart aleck in the back, I know 12:00 am this morning. :-P

It's been a rough month and a half, with hubby's mom passing away, taking care of all of that. Work has been way more stressful lately. Then you take into account my latest hearing results and I just want to crawl into a really dark hole with all my knitting (and a small light) and not come out till the world decides to do thing my way.

While I'm dreaming I'd still like a Black Arabian horsey and a 1976 Volkswagen beetle convertible.

There has been knitting. I'm trying to finish a scarf for a friend that just had the same throat surgery as me. Socks for three different people. A sweater for hubby. I have a few hats I want to make as Christmas presents, but we will see how that works out.

I hope to start posting pictures here again soon. It's certainly not for a lack of any, just haven't done it.

Till next time.

Oh, I finally got in contact with my sister Chris again after way too long. Say hi since she might stop by the blog for a gander.


perpstu said...

I'm so glad you joined my November madness! If I was a more confident knitter, I would be attempting NaKniSweMo, but oy, I just can't so it! I'm looking forward to reading your stuff all month long!


Cookie said...

I hope this month will be kinder to you, honey. It's just been a hell of a year for y'all. Still thinking about you and sending love.

Hai, Sister Chris!


AlisonH said...

Hi, Sis!

And it's okay to take your time and catch your breath when you need it. Sending hugs your way.

DK said...

Hi, Chris!!

Here's hoping this month is better.

I, too, am very excited that you joined the NaBloPoMo maddness. Be careful,'s like a gateway drug to things like Blog 365...